Who We Are

A Remodeling Company

OCD Building and Remodeling Inc. is a full-service remodeling company in Michigan. We serve residential clients and have been in the remodeling business for three years.

OCD Building and Remodeling Inc.
OCD Building and Remodeling Inc.

How It Started

My mother worked at an Amish furniture store for a couple of years. I was about 19-20 at the time. I wasn’t much for craftsman back then, but I grew up in a house with a father who could fix anything. (Or just about.) I walked in one day, not really knowing what to expect, and lo-n-behold I was into this building thing.

The Craftsman in the Making

Fast forward a bit, I believe I can build like the Amish at 20. (Ha!) Nope, I sure couldn’t. I built a decent little piece in the garage at home and wound up selling it though. I was hooked; the building was in my blood now. A family friend gave me a call and asked if I wanted to learn to build houses. He also mentioned he’d pay me. I was in.

OCD Building and Remodeling Inc.
OCD Building and Remodeling Inc.

The Learning Phase

The next five years were spent learning as much as I could about the various trades. Bathrooms, kitchens, trim, framing, flooring, drywall, paint, and everything else I could get my grubby builder mitts on. After all that time, and learning, I decided to head out and deal directly with customers like my own company’s head. Here is to years & years of being OCD for my clients.

What Sets Us Apart

Because we are OCD